1. Do I need a referral?

No. Your dentist may ask you to see an orthodontist or you may want to see one on your own, or a friend or a relative may refer you to us.

2. When should I bring my child to the orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists suggests a screening at age 7.  Some parents want to wait until they start to see spacing problems around the time that the baby teeth are falling out and permanent ones are erupting. We suggest seeing a child for the first time when their first permanent molars and upper and lower front teeth are in.

3. What takes place at the consultation appointment?

Dr. Bobkin will examine your teeth, describe the treatment options available and the fee or fees which correspond to your treatment.

4. Do you have payment plans?

We break our fees down into monthly installments which are payable over time.

5. How does insurance work with orthodontic treatment?

 We will complete all necessary forms for you and explain how to submit them for repayment. Insurance companies do not pay orthodontists directly.

6. How often will my appointments be?

Once your braces are on, you will be seen approximately once a month.

7. Can appointments be scheduled after school?

We try to accommodate as many patients late in the day as possible. For this reason, the longer appointments, for example putting braces on, taking them off , or repairing them, must be scheduled during school hours. only monthly check-up appointments can be scheduled after school.

8. Will my braces hurt?

Braces generally do not hurt. However some patients do experience some discomfort after certain procedures.

9. Do you have “clear” braces?

We have regular metal braces (which are smaller and less noticeable than ever!) as well as ceramic braces which are almost clear and are even less noticeable.  Some conditions may also be treated with removable appliances instead of fixed braces.

10. Do I still see my regular dentist?

Yes! He or she will continue to monitor you for cleanings, x-rays, decay, etc.

11. Are there special “rules” or instructions I must follow while wearing braces?

Yes! We will outline food restrictions, oral hygiene, etc. when your braces go on.

12. How much do braces cost?

Because each case is different the cost of orthodontic work can vary greatly. That is why a face to face visit to the office for a consultation is most important.

13. What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque, Visa and Mastercard.

14. Is it ever too late to see the orthodontist?

Not necessarily!  A large percentage of our practice is adult based. The only way to know for sure is to come in and see us. We have improved the smiles of many adults over the years.