Emergency Procedure

If you have a loose or broken bracket or band:

Do not be alarmed. There is little or no danger involved in a bracket or band being loose or broken. Treatment is unlikely to be compromised although a slight delay may occur. The most important thing to do is to call the office right away so that we may adjust your current appointment time to one that is long enough for us to do the repair. EVEN IF YOUR APPOINTMENT IS THAT VERY DAY, YOU STILL MUST CALL SO THAT WE CAN SCHEDULE YOU IN A LENGHTIER APPOINTMENT SLOT AND WE CAN SAVE YOU ATTENDING AN UNNECESSARY APPOINTMENT.

Please note that repair appointments cannot be scheduled after school.

If your PENDULUM has come loose:

Call the office. It is essential that you inform the office as it is most important to repair them as soon as possible. Do not attempt to remove a pendulum on your own.

If you have a wire that is poking you or if it is broken:

Call the office. Usually we can see you that very day. If it occurs on a weekend, place a piece of tissue over the end of the wire to blunt the end of it.

If you have missing or broken elastics:

If only one or two are missing or broken, you can wait until your next appointment. If more than that are missing or broken and the wire is moving away from the teeth, call right away and we will see you to correct the problem.

If you have lost or broken your retainer:

Call the office. We may be able to repair your retainer. If not, or if you have lost it, we may have an original model on hand to remake your retainer. If not, we will need you to schedule an appointment at which time we will take a new impression.  There is usually a charge to repair and replace retainers.

Additional emergency instructions may be found at www.oao.on.ca